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Washable, re-usable shoe covers designed for functionality and durability.


You believe in doing the job right. So do we. That’s why we designed the Treadright washable shoe cover just for you.

  • Extremely durable
  • Water resistant
  • Reinforced in the toe and heel where you need it most
  • Won’t sag or get in the way while you’re working or climbing ladders
  • Non-slip tread is the best available

Customers notice when you go the extra mile to keep their homes clean. It’s details like these that make you stand apart from the competition. Get it done right with the Treadright reusable shoe cover.


"These boot covers are very easy to put on and take off. The pull strap and hook-and-loop strap make them conform to my work boot. I am in and out of my clients homes and I don't have to worry about tracking debris or water into their home. In the past I would have to take my shoes off, put on a different pair or wear the throw away booties (that would never fit and tore). Now I use these. They are very durable and aren't slippery like the throw away ones.
I will buy more."   Lisa H


"I use reusable shoe covers daily during winter months, working in condos and homes as i put these over my boots i can see the look of relief on my clients faces knowing i will not be bringing slush,snow,salt and other outdoor elements in their homes. Highly recommended for all service and contractors out there to keep their clients happy."  Marco M


I have been using TreadRight reusable show covers for over a year now in my inspection business. The perform flawlessly. Homeowners, clients and other contractors remark at how good they are. Working in the Northeast we get snow. During the winter months with snow on my boots, they DON'T LEAK! Once a week I through them in the washer and they are ready for the next week's inspections. Great product and great customer support. Buy these if you are in and out of homes!  CV Rick

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