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What size shoe covers should I buy?

  • Medium fits men's size 7-9.
  • Large fits men's size 10-12.
  • XL fits men's size 12-15.

How long will they last?

One pair of Treadrights, when worn only indoors on finished floors, will last six months to two years depending on wear habits and care. Washing your covers too frequently in hot water and a dryer will weaken the fabric and thread, while wiping them or rinsing them in cold water will promote longer life. One window cleaner we know has had the same pair of covers for three years. Others go through a pair a year, while still others buy a pair every six months. Regardless of wear habits, your Treadrights will outlast more than a hundred pairs of disposable covers promoting conservation of our resources, while looking sharp and keeping floors clean and dry from outside elements.

How do I care for my Treadright Shoe Covers?

Do not yank on cord pulls or elastic. Rather treat them like a good pair of shoes, and your covers will last a long time. Wipe them clean with a damp rag, or rinse in a sink and hang to dry. If they get really dirty, place in a washing machine on cold and dry gentle or hang to dry.

Do we guarantee our covers?

Treadrights are guaranteed against manufacturers defects for six months, but if any of your plastic components or cord break, please let us know. We always work to keep happy customers!

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