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A few years ago, two entrepreneurs in Colorado, a window cleaner and a tech guy, sat down for a beer to discuss an idea. The window cleaner had tried all sorts of disposable and reusable shoe covers, and had concluded that the options available at the time did not adequately address the needs of contractors. Disposable covers tear or leak, and millions of them are thrown in the trash every year. The reusable covers we tested were poor quality and sloppy on the feet. We hired a professional designer and built the Treadright. A durable, long lasting shoe cover with perfect grip and fit. The Treadright will outlast hundreds of disposables and will outlast several pairs of those saggy, cheap reusable covers we wore holes in. Treadrights won't sag or bag, and we stand behind them for up to six months. We don't like to brag, but some of our customers have been using their original pair of covers for over two years. Get yours today and see the Treadright difference.

Perfect for plumbers, window cleaners, HVAC, mechanics, painters, home inspectors, electricians, appliance repair technicians, realtors, cleaning services, and any other trade entering a home or business.

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